First bath!

At 2.5 weeks old, Alexandria got her first bath. We were pleased that she was calm and happy for the whole thing.

We made sure to get the bathroom up to a comfortable temperature (lighting a few candles in the room always does the trick), and we used a floating thermometer (designed for kids/babies) to check that the water was right around body temperature. Alexandria does not like to be cold and we didn’t want to make her first bath an unpleasant shock.

Although we could have washed her in a sink (she’s still not even 7lbs yet), we chose to wash her in the infant/baby bathtub we have, as it gave us more room to maneuver around her.

She spent about 10 minutes in the water, happily letting us wash and clean her. It was a bit of a shock to realize this was the very first bath of her life, and first time we were able to wash her hair thoroughly!

I like this action shot of Jen and I washing Alexandria: the camera caught her attention even as we worked busily to get her clean & keep her comfortable:

As any parent will likely tell you, anything that keeps your child happy and clean is a good thing, and we agree. Here’s Alexandria after she was dried off and dressed up for the day:

For the record: she stayed clean for another ~2 minutes before she burped up a little on herself.

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1 Response to First bath!

  1. bc says:

    Hey Chris, it’s Brent.

    I love the first photo. That’s quite the look.

    And this is such a crack-up to read. You’ve got a lot of fun stuff ahead of you.

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