Just how are Sounders FC doing this season?

Sadly, my wife and I chose to give up our great season tickets this year – we had seats just a few rows from the field and right behind the home dugout, but the frequency of games and the lack of good transportation options to and from games drove us away this year.

It’s not too bad; we’ve been watching games from local bars and from home and so I feel like we’re still involved in the team – we’re just not going to as many games at the stadium this year. (We’ll be down in Portland for the Sounders FC v Timbers game btw, in case any of you will be down there too).

In any event, I had wondered how this season for Sounders FC compared to the previous two. It felt like things weren’t going as well this year as previous years, especially after our slow start (0-2-2). So, I looked up how Sounders FC fared throughout each season so far and charted it out. And behold!


This chart shows the team’s progress through the first 18 games, or roughly first half of their season.

Much to my surprise, Sounders FC are actually doing better now than at this point in previous seasons. One thing to note, this season the regular season has expanded to 34 games instead of 30, but you can see that overall, once the team got past their first 4 games, they really started to go on a tear.

Given that both of the first two seasons in MLS, Sounders FC qualified for the playoffs, it’s hard to imagine (barring another round of injuries or some other disaster) that they won’t make it again. Makes you feel a bit sorry for Toronto FC, in their 5th year in the MLS and they still haven’t qualified for the playoffs yet.

Congratulations to Sounders FC for their season so far: on record pace for wins in the regular season, qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League for the second year in a row, and advancing through the US Open Cup competition as well!

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