Music collection part 3

Yes, I’m still at it. I last blogged about this about a year ago: I’ve been upgrading my music collection from old WMA file format files to MP3s.

It’s taking longer than expected. Here’s where my music collection is now: 5711 files (over 34GB). Most (all but about a thousand files) are now in MP3 format.

Percentage-wise, less than 15% of my collection remains to be converted. Of course it’s this last 15% that’s the hardest: the one-off songs, the rarities and live versions that I don’t quite know where they came from. It’s not like I can just slap in a bunch of CDs and convert them and be done with it. I’ve been doing a lot of searching online for rare versions to see where I can buy them. Sadly, it’s pretty tough (aka impossible) to track some of these down, but I’ll do what I can so I can finally be rid of WMA files.

Of course this causes other problems: my 32GB iPhone no longer has enough room for all my music (far from it, given that I have several GB of apps on the phone too).

But I’ve also found a lot of great music lately, from a variety of sources. An example of some of the stuff that’s new in my collection over the past few months:

  • Rilo Kiley
  • Jonsi
  • The Decemberists
  • Julian Plenti
  • Elbow

Plus I’ve added a bunch of old classics to my collection, by folks like Nik Kershaw, Hot Chocolate and ‘Tennessee’ Ernie Ford (that’s the ‘80’s, the ’70s and the ‘50’s right there).

Unlike last time, when I thought I might be done in 6 months, this time I’m wise enough to realize that this will probably take a lot longer – but it’s certainly been a fun journey so far. And the best part? My music sounds better everywhere: in the Phatbox in my car, from my phone and piped around my house. Sweet Note.

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