Bravo, Mr. Gervais!

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I don’t know if you saw the Golden Globes this year, or the uproar caused by Ricky Gervais’ “sinister” hosting of the awards (the quote is from Robert Downey Jr.).

I thought he was great. Here’s something I posted on one of the TV message boards that I’m a member of:

“Oh, those poor multi-millionaires! To be teased by the bad man in the fancy suit like that! So what if some of them have actually spent time at the Betty Ford clinic and/or local jail. They are special! They deserve praise and love!
Mr. Gervais, I can’t believe you would do that.
Personally, Ricky Gervais was the only thing I didn’t skip during the ceremony. I thought he was hilarious. His entire schtick revolves around awkward situations (ever see “The Office” or “Extras?”). He did was he’s great at. I thought it was awesome. Bravo Mr. Gervais.
Everyone who was upset at how those celebrities were treated, you should get in touch with their agents and see if you can make a donation to their Hurt Feelings Fund.”

He provided excellent entertainment, and anyone who disagrees can stick it.

For reference, here are a few articles that have gone around lately that discuss his job handling the awards show:

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