Music collection – the upgrade continues

Back in October I blogged about how I was migrating my music collection from WMA to MP3. In the past 8 months since then, I’ve continued to move my collection forward… and man is it taking some time.
It’s sad to see that in some cases I’ve lost the original sources for my music too – like when I opened my original Moby "Play" CD or Goldfrapp’s "Supernature" CD only to discover that the actual CD is gone.
In October, I reported that "my music collection consists of 1723 MP3s (taking up 14.5GB) and 4683 WMAs (taking up 19GB)." Here, 8 months later, I’m up to 3372 MP3s (taking up 23.7GB) and I’m down to only 2559 WMAs (taking up 10.4GB). So that’s ~2500 files migrated over 8 months. I’ll note that my total collection size dropped from ~6400 files in October to ~5900 now, meaning I’ve culled well over 500 songs out of my collection. Most the songs I removed represent the tracks I found myself always skipping when they came up on my Zune or iPod, or some of the really low-quality tracks that I found no need to replace. I don’t have any way to track how many new songs or bands or albums I’ve added, and I know there’ve been several. One recent addition that I’m not embarrassed to admit that I like, for example, is Lily Allen’s It’s no me, it’s you CD. She was never part of my WMA collection before, so adding her album masks some of the other tracks I’ve deleted. Some of the other artists I know are new to my collection include Pink and Brandi Carlisle, evidence of my wife’s influence on my musical tastes.
Let me do some back-of-the-envelope math here: if it’s taken me 8 months to switch ~2500 songs, that’s about ~300 songs/month. With ~2600 WMAs left, that’s… ugh, that’s 8 more months. I guess if I’m lucky and push the pace, I’ll be done replacing all my WMAs by Christmas this year.
Finally, all this re-encoding has mean I’ve gotten to revisit some of my old vinyl collection, which I’ve used as an opportunity to update Wikipedia when its information is lacking. See, for example, my contributions to the following articles (as ’87Fan’):
These are just a few of the articles I’ve been updating in my spare time – there will be more edits to come in the future I’m sure!
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