Is Seattle the best place to meet single men?

I find this highly amusing. Women’s magazie Marie Claire recently listed Seattle as the #1 city in the country to meet single men. MSNBC ran an article wherein they got women to give their opinion on this ranking, and overall the opinion is "Yeah right."
I have to admit, I’m not surprised. Seattle isn’t the most socially outgoing city. Most people stick to their cliques and it’s rare that you can meet single people out and about. I’ve been lucky to meet a few people, but it’s not commonplace. Right now, of my good friends I know exactly 1 single man: every other single person I know is female.
However, I will admit that based on the criteria, Seattle should rank pretty high: people here are well educated, tend to be successful, relatively fit, and most people embrace multiple hobbies, which make them more interesting once you get to know them.
In the end, I have to sympathize with most women in Seattle: the good ones go fast! If nothing else, it’s nice to see Seattle on the top of ‘best of’ lists, since I think the last one I saw put Seattle up near the top of the ‘country’s worst traffic’ list.
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1 Response to Is Seattle the best place to meet single men?

  1. Heather says:

    I second that "yeah right" comment. Seattle is the worst place to meet men.

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