“Happy Obama!”

So there was something special in the air today. I was at home when Jen came home, and we were watching election results, and we both said, "We have to go out." It wasn’t enough to sit at home and watch the results like I have so many times before. There was a palpable energy in the air which made us head down into the city to see what people were doing and thinking and saying.
When is the last time you went out on Election Night, only to find all the bars were full? I have seen 5 presidencies (Carter, Reagan x 2, Geoge Bush, Clinton x 2, and George W. Bush x 2), and this is the first time I’ve been out to find packed bars full of people who couldn’t wait to see what happened with our presidential election.
To John McCain, I have to say, I’m sorry you abandonded your principles for the candidacy. However, your concession speech was excellent, and hit all the right notes. You were graceful & eloquent, and it showed the glimmer of the ‘old’ McCain who might, in a different time, have had my vote.
To Barack Obama, your speech was wonderful. You literally made me cry. You had the right messages for your supports, your detractors, and for the world. I even liked your comment about needing more than one term 🙂 It made me proud to be an American to hear you talk about the ideals and principles for which this country stands. I think you might redeem America in the eyes of the world, if your administration can walk the walk that you set out in your speech. Congratulations in every way.
What a special night. I expect it will be a long time before the streets are alive with energy of the outcome of a presidential election. January 20th can’t come soon enough. The world needs a new America, and I think President Obama will take us there.
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2 Responses to “Happy Obama!”

  1. Flikky says:

    because you were out hitting the bar scene for Carter & Reagan?

  2. Christopher says:

    Yizzle: don\’t be a killjoy.

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