First yoga experience

So I went to yoga for the first time ever last week. I went with two girlffriends who’d done yoga before. We had discussed going to yoga back when I had folks over for a Seahawks playoff party, but had promptly forgotten until I got a text message asking if I wanted to go.
I thought it was going to be an Intro to Yoga class, but it turned out to be a class for people who knew enough about yoga to jump on their mat and go. Fortunately it wasn’t an advanced course.
As it turns out, I really enjoyed it. It did kick my ass, but that was the point – I chose to go to yoga to work on my flexibility, core strength, and balance. Since I already play soccer once a week, I already work on my core & lower body, so I knew that the upper body forms would be the most challenging. And they were. I was sweating a lot, and early. The class is about 75 minutes long (including a cooldown period at the end where you just lie there, so I guess the yoga part was really only an hour long).
Fortunately, I knew enough about yoga to buy a mat ahead of time, and I have enough workout clothes that I was dressed appropriately. My only mistake? I had my mat upside-down, so it got slippery when I started to sweat on it. It’s hard to do the downward-facing dog pose when your hands slide across the mat! Overall I was able to keep up, albeit with a few cramps in my feet, and I’m sure my form was often poor. Graceful I was not.
After the workout, I asked my friends what they thought of it; they had some yoga experience already after all. Their feedback was positive: it was a good space, it didn’t smell like BO, and the teacher mixed up the poses enough so that you didn’t wear yourself out too quickly.
So, now I have a new Wednesday evening ritual: yoga. I’ll go for the few months and see how I feel. I think that this plus soccer should be a good enough workout for my aging body 🙂
And thanks Beth and Kristie for getting me to go to yoga!
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