R.I.P. Heath Ledger

So I have to say I’m really sad to hear that Heath Ledger died.
I’m not sure why. I have no particular knowledge of the guy, I’ve seen only a handful of his movies, and he’s a distant celebrity like all the others.
But I guess I figured this was a guy who would make it and have a long, illustrious career. He seemed like a solid guy who made smart choices. There are so many other celebrities that I would’ve guessed would have gone first.
So, it just seems like a waste for him to have died at a mere 28 years old. So sad! I don’t like the idea of it being deliberate suicide either; I mean, accidental suicide isn’t a great thing either, but I’d like to know that he was happy and he didn’t do this because he was depressed about a life that was clearly so special.
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