Let’s play “find the vomit”

You know what sucks? It sucks when it’s 11pm, you’re done after a long day, and you’re in your PJs and ready to go to bed. You step out into the hall and … *squish*
Yes, poor Ivy got sick tonight. In retrospect I guess I should have figured it out; she was acting a little peculiar all evening but I just figured she was feeling extra affectionate, or excited because I had company over. Unfortunately, it was neither. Something she ate disagreed with her.
I think I pieced together what happened. She apparently found a shoe of mine and thought the shoelace was a snake, so she chewed it up and swalled it, and that’s what started it all. I found the shoelace and other kibbles in the rug that runs down my front hall (with the afore-mentioned ‘foot detector’ method).
I dutifully cleaned it up under her watchful eye. Poor cat, she hates the sound of both the carpet cleaner and the vacuum, and she got a double dose.
But that wasn’t it, as I discovered as I went to go turn out the lights around the house. Apparently she was also ill in her cat condo. This time it was just cat food, but it was all over her condo, and over the floor. She has a surprisingly large-capacity stomach for being such diminuitive cat.
Anyway, when all you really want to do is go to bed, but instead you’re scrubbing and spraying and vacuuming and smelling around to make sure that you’ve got it all, that’s not so much fun. Especially because she can’t tell me if she got sick somewhere else, so I had to make a quick inspection of pretty much my entire house to make sure that I didn’t miss anything (I don’t think I did).
I’m sure some of you with kids are thinking "vomit? is that all? you’re lucky," and you’re probably right, but all I have to say is just because you love them doesn’t mean you love cleaning up after them.
Now I just have to hope she’s feeling better, and just to be safe, I think I’ll kick her out of my bedroom tonight.
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1 Response to Let’s play “find the vomit”

  1. John says:

    Given the parties I\’ve been to at your place, I would have thought you\’d played this game before, along with
      "Find the wine stains"
      "Who\’s pants are these?"
      "Find the condom"
      "Where are all the spatulas?"
      and "Who the !@#%@ broke my dishwasher?"

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