The state of TV right now

So we’re a month or so into the new season of TV shows, and here’s what I’m recording/watching and how I’d rate them:
The Daily Show. Still pretty good, but I enjoyed it when it was a bit more biting in season’s past. It’s one of those shows that I record, watch the first few minutes of, and then skip the rest. One of these days I’ll probably stop watching altogether.
Heroes. Lame. This season is like Lost season 3 or Desperate Housewives Season 2 or Twin Peaks near the end. Season 1 was good, but now it’s getting boring. Here’s their formula: do nothing for 55 minutes, then put a little cliffhanger at the end of the episode to make you come back the next week. I literally skipped through this week’s episode and I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything. Spooky guy is still out there. Sylar’s still bad. Everyone else is still trying to be normal instead of trying to be super. Yawn.
Journeyman. This is an interesting show. I’m not sure if it’s going to survive, but I hope it does. Each week it has something poignant to say. I’m especially touched by how the relationship of the journeyman (I don’t even know his name!) and his wife Kate is being stressed by his travels. So sad. I hope it stays as good and that it finds an audience.
Veronica Mars. Oh that’s right it was canceled, bummer.
Eureka. Loved this season (Season 2), I’m sorry to see it’s over already, can’t wait for season 3. Watch it in reruns if you haven’t seen it yet.
Reaper. Best new show of the season. I LOL every week. Yes, I said LOL. Seriously though, the script is entertaining and the characters and run to watch. If you haven’t started watching it yet, be sure to tune in.
The Sarah Silverman Program. Not as funny as season 1, but still pretty good. If it doesn’t get better though I probably won’t watch season 3.
Bionic Woman. Better than I feared it would be, but not great. I’m still recording it just to see if it picks up. If it doesn’t, it won’t be on the list next season.
Californication. This one has good episodes and bad episodes. Some are quite touching and humorous, others are just depressing. The strangest thing about the show is that it’s only 30 minutes long. It seems like it should be an hour-long show. Every time it’s over I’m always surprised that it’s over so fast.
Tell me you love me. So depressing. I can’t watch this show. I tried but it’s got so many screwed up people in screwed up relationships that even the frequent nudity can’t redeem the show. Skip it.
Is there anything else on TV that I should be watching?
FYI, here are other shows I’ve watched that I’ve already stopped watching for one reason or another: 24, The Colbert Report, Desperate Housewives, The Girls Next Door, & Lost. And I won’t watch anything reality-based.
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  1. Flikky says:

    you are missing Chuck and Pushin\’ Daisies

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