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Let’s play “find the vomit”

You know what sucks? It sucks when it’s 11pm, you’re done after a long day, and you’re in your PJs and ready to go to bed. You step out into the hall and … *squish*   Yes, poor Ivy got … Continue reading

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Can George Lucas be trusted with ‘Star Wars’ indeed

I like what this guy has to say. I agree with everything he says. And he’s obviously a fan – although I spell it ‘wamprats’ not ‘womp rats.’   Oh if you hand’t heard – Lucas is redoing … Continue reading

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The state of TV right now

So we’re a month or so into the new season of TV shows, and here’s what I’m recording/watching and how I’d rate them:   The Daily Show. Still pretty good, but I enjoyed it when it was a bit more biting … Continue reading

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The difference between Monroe & Fremont

In Fremont’s Fred Meyer, the beer aisle is arranged with the good beer (microbrews) near the front of the store and the bad beer (Coors light, Bud) in the back.   In Monroe, it’s the other way around.   Just … Continue reading

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