Is it just me or was there a lot of British music @ our 4th of July fireworks show this year?

I watched the 4th of July fireworks from the balcony of my friend Felicity’s place this year. She has a place above Westlake with a clear, unobstructed view of Lake Union. Every year thousands of people pack Gasworks Park for a picnic spot (and then brave traffic afterwards).
Fortunately I was able to walk over, thus avoiding the problems with traffic, parking, etc.
In any case, I thought the fireworks show was excellent. Nothing really great or new I guess. The smiley face fireworks are always a hit. The music selection is what surprised me the most. There was only a single patriotic song during the whole show, and that was at the finale. The rest of the show (which lasted just over half an hour) we were serenaded by a variety of music, but how often a British act (U2, Depeche Mode) came up surprised me.
I mean, it’s not like I hate the British, but really, couldn’t they have at least played American music during the 4th of July event?
It’s kind of like how Hillary Clinton picked a song by a Canadian singer to be her theme song for her run for the presidency. Strange.
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2 Responses to Is it just me or was there a lot of British music @ our 4th of July fireworks show this year?

  1. Christopher says:

    Ok it\’s kind of embarrassing, but my friend Dory IM\’d me and said "You know that U2 isn\’t British." And I said, "Yeah well maybe I should have said "UK" but you know what I mean." I mean, I\’m no dummy. I know the difference between Britain and the U.K.
    Then Dory says "But U2 are from Ireland."
    And I said "Oh. Shit."
    But you know what I meant, right?

  2. Flikky says:

    maybe next time stick with European…

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