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Thanks Veronica!

Well, after lamenting about the state of VM, I have to say that the final episode (which aired tonight) was one of the top hours of television I’ve seen in a long while.   It’s always sad to see a … Continue reading

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Music updates

So I had taken a few months off from posting new playlists at the end of last year, but I’ve gotten back into the swing of it lately.   I’ve posted a bunch of new music & playlists to my private … Continue reading

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Poor Veronica

So I’m a fan of Veronica Mars. I’ve watched every episode, almost from day one. Love the show. I think it’s one of the best things on TV.   But after last night’s episode, I gotta say – ouch.   … Continue reading

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George Bush is smoking a big one

Bush veto’d the bill to fund the troops for the Wars he’s waging today. This story has some interesting tidbits:   – He claims that a timetable to withdraw would be a "prescription for chaos." Um, Mr. President, did you … Continue reading

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