New PC

So I went and bought a new high-end PC over the holidays – a sort of end-of-year gift to myself. The last time I bought a high-end PC was 2 years ago, so it was a treat to get a new machine that kicks serious ass.
Overall I was sad to see that the out-of-the-box PC experience hasn’t changed too much in 2 years. They’re not unlike that Mac ad makes fun of. The monitor came in a separate box, a day before the actual computer. After setting the machine up I was inundated with a slew of prompts, programs, and windows, all vying for my attention. I spent a while cleaning all the crapware off the system- gone is all the Google stuff that Dell likes to cram on their systems, and I replaced most of the McAfee stuff with free Microsoft offerings.
Oh – and I upgraded it from XP to Windows Vista. After you use Vista, it really is true that you can’t go back.
After upgrading, the rated a 5.1 on Vista’s Performance Score (see attached screenshot). Not bad. I’m sure the video scores will go up once I moved to an SLI video card setup (right now I’m running on one video card). My old bad-ass machine was a 4.4, so this is definitely a step up.
Of course now I have to migrate all my music, photos, apps, and games to this new machine. And despite FUD I’ve seen in the wild, I had no problems re-activating my software on this new machine. Nice.
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