Conspiracy theory

So this latest political scandal is something.
Representative Mark Foley traded messages with young male pages (interns), and what does he do? He undergoes treatment for alcoholism. I can just see the spin meeting now.
"Mr. Foley- you have two choices. You can be branded as a homosexual deviant, or… we could just say your an alcoholic. Neither choice is good, but you can see which one is less pleasant."
"Um… ok. Alcoholism it is."
WTF!? Ok surely, the alcoholism defense has worked for Democrats since the name "Kennedy" entered our lexicon, but this is CLEARLY just political maneuvering. And who’s going to skewer a guy for being an alcoholic? No one.
I can see why it happened. I’m just stunned that anyone is actually eating the story. Fortunately, I’m hearing wind that people are starting to question the cover story.
It’s also surprising to see that the Republican leadership knew about this for 3 years and didn’t do anything about it. My cynical viewpoint? oFley had dirt on Hastert (and/or others). They confronted him with their information and he used his information/dirt as leverage to bury it. Why else would the leadership tolerate such behavior?
I hope the public sees through the excuses and reacts appropriately: with disgust, and by replacing those who were complicit in any crimes or attempts to cover them up.
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