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Worst camera ever?

Imagine my surprise to see my old Canon A-70 digital camera on Gizmodo’s list of worst digital cameras ever.   Strange, I used it to take all of my pictures from 2003-2005 on my site, and never had a problem. … Continue reading

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What’s cookin’?

Usually my cakes don’t make news. This one did. Congrats on Fx 2.0.

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New browser – go get it

It doesn’t happen too often, but there’s finally a new version of Internet Explorer available.   Go get IE7 right now. Even if you use other browsers most of the time, IE7 will keep you more secure.

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Watched any crap TV lately?

So Laci has introduced me to a new guilty pleasure: Sunday night crap television. It starts at 10 with the Girls Next Door and concludes with the Flavor of Love.   The first time I watched these shows, I was … Continue reading

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UFO’s? I don’t believe they exist

So I was walking down the hall at work today and I passed a friend taking a picture of a new hire with his cell phone (we do that will all new hires, to announce them to the team). I … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theory

So this latest political scandal is something.   Representative Mark Foley traded messages with young male pages (interns), and what does he do? He undergoes treatment for alcoholism. I can just see the spin meeting now.   "Mr. Foley- you … Continue reading

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I just can’t recommend Valle Nevado

So now we’re back from Chile, and I’m going through the many many pictures we all took of the trip. I’ll post a full detailed account + pictures at my web site later, but for now I wanted to talk … Continue reading

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