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World Cup predictions

Ok so now that we’re to the quarterfinals, here are my predictions:   Germany v Argentina. I have to vote for Germany. Argentina has played well and I’d love to see them advance, but Germany has looked too strong in their past … Continue reading

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This interview looks interesting.

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Want to go in with me on DirecTV Titanium?

Check this out:   For $7500 you get everything they offer. Every PPV package, every channel, all adult channels, everything. Up to 10 HD DVRs too.   Who’s in? For your share of the price you’re welcome to come … Continue reading

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I’ve just uploaded what is perhaps my favorite playlist ever

Alphaville for the soul

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Seattle is the smartest American city

According to this story, Seattle ranks #1 in the country. This doesn’t surprise me. Coincidentally, I’m actually bringing many of Seattle’s averages down.   I wonder if anyone’s run a comparison between the smart cities and voting Democratic vs Republican?

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Pithy American sportscasters

Why are so many American sportscasters so poor? Why is so much American sports coverage so poor? Why must they make their informational graphics so large and typically overlaying the one thing on the screen that you want to watch? … Continue reading

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Hack your wireless router

I love stuff like this. Got a wireless router? I bet you can boost its power without much effort. Check out this story.

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