Toilet #2

Yes, it seems a strange topic for a blog post, but I had to replace another toilet in my house today (last year a different toilet broke). For some reason, every time I take vacation time at home, a toilet breaks. This time, for reasons known only to the toilet gods, the tank cracked, causing water to spill all over. Fortunately no damage was done and by tomorrow, I’ll have a spanky new toilet in its place, which is fine, because the toilet I’m replacing was getting cantankerous anyway. This time, however, I can’t blame the problem on my large friends, as this toilet was the one off my bedroom that no one really uses but me.
On a related note, while I was cleaning said bathroom, Led Zeppelin’s "How many more times" came on, and as it turns out, it’s a really good song to mop to. I’m not sure what it is about that song, but it encouraged me to mop that 10% more than I thought I could. I suppose that song is the kind of song that will improve just about anything you do (surely it’s not just about mopping)… hrm… I’ll have to try that out some time.
In any case, on a note unrelated to toilets but related to music, I’ve added the April playlist to my site (with some other updates as well).
Finally, on a completely unrelated topic from anything else in this rambling blog entry, I’m going on a ‘surprise’ trip to Germany tomorrow. I’ll hit several towns: Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf. See you all in a week.
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1 Response to Toilet #2

  1. Flikky says:

    guess you can\’t keep blaming your friends huh?

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