Words you don’t normally hear

A friend and I have spent some time recently thinking of all those words whose negatives/opposites you never hear.
For example, you’ve heard or someone who’s disgruntled, but how many people do you know who are gruntled?
Here’s the list we’ve come up with so far:
Anyone got any more?
"I’m fine thanks. I’m feeling gruntled and combobulated today."
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3 Responses to Words you don’t normally hear

  1. Jeremy says:

    (in)ept – Some people I know are "ept" at Scrabble…
    (dis)shevelled – You\’re looking quite shevelled today
    (dis)dain – I think highly of you… "I dain you"
    (in)fect – why don\’t hospitals "fect" their instruments instead of "disinfect"?
    (un)couth – you are such a couth person…
    (un)abashed – does "abashed" mean embarrased?

    (il)licit – "licit" is a word, but we never use it…
    hmmm… do these fit?
    that was fun… OK, back to work.

  2. Flikky says:

    (in)trusion – to leave something abruptly?
    (in)timate – private matters non confined?
    (in) carcerate – to be free?
    (un)animous – nobody agrees?
    (dis)array – I know array is a word but would you say that ones clothing is in a state of array?
    (dis)ciple – one who doesn\’t spread the word of doctorine of another?
    (de)bris – if something is debris when it is broken is it bris when it is in one peice?
    must stop…

  3. Christopher says:

    Imagine my shock when this news story actually used the word \’gruntled.\’ They even used the word "disgruntlefication." Bastards.

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