Wired in the sky

It was only a matter of time. I’m on my way to Copenhagen and my SAS flight has wireless Internet access en route. It’s not expensive (really, $30 for 9 hours is a bargain if you’re travelling and need connectivity), and with RDP over HTTP it makes email access a snap thruogh Outlook (sorry to geek out on all you non-geeks out there).

Anyway, it’s one thing to do mail on your flight and then sync when you get to the hotel, but it’s quite another to be 37,000 feet above Haugesund, Norway, while you’re online.

It’s not super fast (there’s some delay on browsing for instance), but it’s not like the whole plane is sharing one 56k dial-up connection either.

I know some will say "maybe it’s better to not be wired all the time," but frankly I think that at least having the option is nice.

As for Copenhagen, I’m looking forward to this visit – not only is it for a good reason (which I might tell you about if you ask), but it’s the first time I’ll be in a Scandinavian country – and the furthest north I’ve ever been (quite a bit further north than my previous record of Jasper in Canada).

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2 Responses to Wired in the sky

  1. Flikky says:

    are you in the circle?

  2. Christopher says:

    The owls are not what they seem

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