Two playlists in one month?

Considering I didn’t make a single playlist in all of 2005, this is an impressive feat.
Given my current mood, I needed something to get out energy without requiring any brain power. The answer: great dance floor mixes.
So I’ve uploaded my new playlist to my music server. It’s only 9 songs long but won’t fit on a single CD if you tried (but that’s ok, who burns CDs any more?). Collectors will appreciate some of the extremely rare tracks in the playlist.



Title / Time


Depeche Mode

I feel loved (Peter Rauhofer remix) 8:45


Sarah McLachlan

Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden anti-gravity mix) 10:25



Porcelain (clubbed to death version) 6:37


David Bowie

Let’s dance (trifactor vs deeper substance remix) 11:02


Depeche Mode

Photographic (Rex the Dog Dubb mix) 6:20


George Michael

Shoot the dog (Moogymen mix) 7:16



Thank you (Deep Dish vocal) 9:29


Sarah McLachlan

World on fire (Solarstone ‘afterhours’ remix) 8:42


Depeche Mode

Precious (Calderone & Quayle Damaged Club Mix) 12:00

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One Response to Two playlists in one month?

  1. Ken says:

    aah I\’d have to listen to some of this. I didn\’t know Rob Dougan did a remix of Moby\’s Porcelain (I am guessing from the title of the remix that he did it anyways), and that Solarstone did a remix of World on fire… Solarstone is an awesome remix artist – if you haven\’t you should check out his \’Prescious Heart\’ chillout track (a remake of INXS\’ \’Never Tear Us Apart\’ by the way…)Shikuruu (chilled to 0 degrees Kelvin)

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